5 essentials of every Mumbai street food tour!

The phrase “a city’s pulse can only be felt on its streets” feel true in the bustling lanes of Mumbai. There’s always a reason to be out and about, scouring flea markets, admiring the sea view, or simply hanging out with friends. However, without popular stalls selling street food in narrow lanes that add the much-needed seasoning to our lives, Mumbai’s streets appear incomplete and colorless.

You must be itching to get your grub on some delicious food, but sick of going to the same places, aren’t you? Don’t worry as we offer the best food tours in Mumbai to add a bit of spice to your trip. Be it your first or fifth visit to Mumbai, we’re here to make your trip exciting! If you’re tired of finding something new to eat, our special Mumbai Food Tours is here to save the day. Our food tours are ideal for taking a stroll, seeing the city, and enjoying different cuisines.

Mumbai has an excellent culinary image, with thousands of restaurants and markets throughout the city. As one of the world’s true melting pots, Mumbai offers visitors the opportunity to sample cuisines from all over the world. If you plan, you can eat well in Mumbai whether you stay for a day or a week. We recommend that you begin your culinary adventure with the following Mumbai favorites:

Vada Pav

The vada pav is the dish most associated with Mumbai. It’s simple to make, tasty, and satisfying. A fluffy bread roll is stuffed with a deep-fried potato dumpling, green chili sauce, and fiery red garlic chutney. Vada pav is commonly found at railway stations, food stalls, and even in premium restaurants! This Mumbai street food is easily accessible and is essential for your food tour in Mumbai.


Chaat is a broad term that includes various snacks like Sev puri, Pani puri, and Bhel puri. The best chaat has a variety of textures and flavors and should be eaten quickly to avoid becoming soggy. All types of chaat are crunchy, sour, sweet, and salty as it’s made with flavourful green and tamarind chutney, chili powder, lentils, and soothing yogurt. Because they can be found all over the city, there is no perfect definition of the “best chaat”. However, our guides always find mouth-watering and Hygenic chaat carts for your Mumbai food tour.

Pav bhaji

Another Mumbai culinary tour highlight is the pav bhaji, a thick vegetable curry made with vegetables and served with soft bread (locally called pav) on the side. A slick of melted butter topping the curry should give the sauce a sheen. This street food was a popular meal for mill workers as it was made from reused leftovers. The best pav bhaji has a rich red color from the tomatoes, but you can find multiple fusions with special recipes.

Chicken tikka roll

The chicken tikka roll, a well-known Mumbai street food, has a burst of flavors. Chicken tikka roll is so popular among Mumbaikars that they swear by it to prove they are foodies. It’s made with thin and soft Roomali roti (refined flour flat bread) wrapped in juicy chicken and stuffed with various sauces and veggies.

Brun Maska

Even the best Mumbai street food tour is complete without Brun Maska and tea. There is no better combination of bread and butter in India than the iconic Brun Maska. It is made from brun (bread), and has a crispy-hard and crumbly texture on the outside but is deliciously soft inside. The Brun is sliced, and butter is liberally applied, which is why this dish is so well-known. There is a slightly sugary taste in some places and is consumed with chai (tea).

With so many options to choose from, keeping track of your calories is difficult on a Mumbai street food tour. If you are looking for Mumbai City Tour packages that are fun, unique, and offer a rollercoaster of flavors, we’re the right choice for you. Magical Mumbai Tours will take you on an exciting journey to taste all the delicious local Mumbai food. So book now and taste the flavorful dishes with the city loves to call its inventions.

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