4 Essentials to pack for your Mumbai Private Tours

Regardless of our excitement for going on that much-awaited vacation, packing is an overwhelming and daunting task that kills your mood. While we love the sight of our luggage stacked and ready for the airport, none of us enjoys packing. On some trips, you over-pack just to realise it later on your trip, while sometimes we under-pack wastefully spending on products we already have (or at least wish we did!).

With experience in providing Mumbai city tour packages since 2015, we at Magical Mumbai tours have seen many tourists make common mistakes while backpacking. In this blog, we’ve made a list of steps to follow before you start packing for your Mumbai private tours. These tips will help reduce anxiety before you fly off to Mumbai. Following these tips, you can pack efficiently and without regret. Remember to double-check your list before leaving to look back and grab anything you feel is important.

1. Bags to carry for your Mumbai trip

The first and foremost step is to select the right bag and luggage for you. Avoid packing in bulky, huge bags that are difficult to carry around while sightseeing in Mumbai. Mumbai is a city with busy streets, and you need to feel comfortable every minute of your trip. We suggest you carry a day bag or backpack to keep your valuables, credit cards and other essentials.


When choosing a suitcase for your trip to Mumbai, you should first consider whether it is strong and lightweight. Additionally, make sure your luggage has enough room for clothes or souvenirs you might buy.

Day bag

We recommend you carry a bag that you can carry across your body that is large enough to keep hand sanitiser, wipes, sunglasses, a water bottle, a camera and power banks. Carry a bag that has a zip closure for easy access and to keep your belongings safe. And don’t panic if you forget any of these as our Mumbai tour guide will have you covered.

2. Clothing essentials to pack for your Mumbai trip

Selecting the right clothes for your trip to Mumbai is the most difficult part. We know you want to wear the best outfits to pin in your travel diaries but do remember, Mumbai has humid weather. This is why you’ll see locals dress modestly and fully cover their bodies.

Loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibres are the best choice for Mumbai private tours. Mumbai has a humid climate and doesn’t witness extreme cold so you can carry light cardigans, loose-fitting pants and airy shirts. We suggest you pack clothes made of breathable light fabrics to stay fresh on your Mumbai Tours. Don’t forget to pick up some scarves and pants if you plan to visit a religious site.

3. Comfortable footwear for your Mumbai trip

Packing footwear for your vacation is equally important as your essentials. Bring footwear that coordinates with every outfit that you have packed. Avoid bulky shoes and leather footwear because of Mumbai’s warm weather. Wear lightweight shoes with supportive underfoot cushioning that will be comfortable to wear throughout. Remember to carry flip-flops or travel sandals for your casual walks or visits to religious sites. It will save you from the hassles of always tying your shoelaces.

4. Other essentials to bring to Mumbai


Bring an extra camera battery, a plug adapter, and a portable charger if you plan for an Elephanta caves tour or a Dharavi tour.

Sun protection

Pack sunscreen and lip balms to protect you from any sunburns. Mumbai can have scorching heat in the summer months, and to avoid skin damage, you must wear sunscreen and lip balm. Carry hats/caps to survive the humid, warm weather of Mumbai. Besides, wearing a hat can help you avoid awkward hand poses.


Before travelling to Mumbai, consult your doctor, and take proper shots and medications. We recommend you bring over-the-counter headache medications, medicines for cold & flu and rehydration powder in case you feel dehydrated.

What to pack for Mumbai’s Winter season:

Winter season: November- February

This is the most comfortable weather for visiting Mumbai. You can expect calm days and cool nights in these months. Your Winter essentials must include:

  • A few cardigans
  • Socks
  • Light winter wear.

What to pack for Mumbai’s Summer season:

Summer season: March-May

Summers in Mumbai are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 104°F. A good time to check out the city would be early morning, afternoon, and evening. Wear loose-fitting clothes and sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

  • Loose shirts with long sleeves
  • Sun shades, hats, caps, scarves
  • Clothes made of natural fibres
  • Sunscreen
  • Electrolytes

What to pack for Mumbai’s Monsoon season:

Monsoon season: June- August- September- October

Mumbai city is well known for its unpredictable rains. Monsoon is not the best time for people who do not like rain. You will only be able to visit a few places during the monsoons.

  • Waterproof shoes
  • Raincoat and an umbrella
  • Quick-to-dry clothes

So if you’re done with packing, look no further as Magical Mumbai Tours helps you visit the city’s top attractions and relish local foods. We offer exciting and fun-filled Mumbai city tour packages to make your trip to Mumbai rememberable.

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