Unveiling The Raw Side Of Mumbai With Dharavi Slum Tour

Are you looking for a unique experience in India? Then, explore and visit the largest slum in India, Dharavi. Acquiring a substantial area of the metropolitan city, Mumbai, it is considered the most diverse city, within the Metropolitan city. Yes, you will find people from all cultures, professions, and castes living in the same area, cramped together in the Dharavi slum. However, calling it a slum might be underestimating the actual value of this place in the eyes of the city, the country, and the world.

Dharavi contributes much to the city’s economy and cannot be disregarded. However, you will be surprised that the average worker here earns around the value of a single US dollar within a day. But this doesn’t demotivate or stress them in any way. When you visit this place, you will find a lot of enthusiastic chatter, a different kind of motivation, and a unique aura of the entire slum area. It is a place where dreams are built, though a brick at a time, but the dedication is incredible!

Doesn’t this intrigue you too? We are sure you want to know more about this unique and exciting slum area. Of course, back home, or during your case studies or work projects, you would have read about this vast Mumbai-based slum area, too. There are more reasons than the ones stated above for the fame of this place. And believe us, each of those reasons is equally bewildering. That is why you will see not just tourists but even Indian citizens and some Mumbaikars booking a Dharavi slum tour. The curiosity to explore the largest slum in the world is real!

If you intend to opt for a Dharavi group tour or schedule a Mumbai sightseeing and Dharavi slum tour soon, you must read about the prominent things to do in this area. Here is a list of all those activities and daily buzzing happenings of this place that make the Dharavi slum so versatile and a tour here so fruitful.

Dharavi Slum Tour

The Simple Yet Comfortable Lifestyle

What if we say you could find all the amenities of an apartment in a 50-square-foot cramped slum? Yes, the slums of Dharavi have a world inside them. For example, you’ll enter a basic slum with a narrow entrance into a small space neatly painted in shades of blue, green or white. There would be an LED TV in it for constant entertainment. Even a washing machine at the side is normal.

And not to forget, the furniture comprising a narrow bed, a single-door cupboard and lots of utensils isn’t something new here. (Though you might be wondering how all this entered through the narrow door in the first place!) Well, this is just a small glimpse. You’ll find many more intriguing things about the people who stay here during your Dharavi Slum Tour.

The Large Small Scale Industries

If you think small-scale industries hardly make money, wait till you take the next Dharavi Slum Private Group Tour. Here, you will find a basic button-making factory for the readymade garment industry, the small-scale leatherworking place, the pottery industry, and so on. What is more surprising is that despite the limited resources, the less space, the vast workforce and incredible dedication make these industries successful. You can talk to a worker or two, know how they proceed with the hard work, and earn their bread through the daily wages they receive from these industries during your Dharavi slum tour.

The Cheapest Retail Market

Have you ever seen quality food items and other necessities at lower rates? Well, then, you need to visit Dharavi Slum soon. From the fresh fruits to the vast variety of seafood, vegetables, and flowers, you’ll find everything at minimum rates at the market in and around Dharavi slum. Yes, the rush of the locals buying these items, the vast stock of the vendors, and the empty out-of-stock stalls at the end of the day is another surprising factor to experience during your Dharavi slum tour.

The Street Food And Local Culture

How can you not try the famous Street food of Mumbai when you are on the Dharavi slum tour? Hundreds and thousands of small stalls and vendors offer a variety of food items to try. The unique Mumbai vada pav stalls are offering spicy fried potato vadas with bread at really cheap rates. The famous Nagori Chai, one of which the locals swear can ease your stress, is relieving, too. The small dhabas, non-vegetarian delights, sweet marts, and more such shops are a must-try when you visit the Dharavi slum.

Dharavi Slum Tour

Did you notice one important thing about Dharavi with the above-listed

factors? This largest slum area isn’t just a place to explore; it is a locality symbolic of the diversity of India. The emotions of the people living here, their hospitality, eagerness and innocence to show you their personal lives, bring the raw side of Mumbai metropolitan city in front of you. When there’s so much being offered, delaying this fruitful tour can be really unfortunate. So, don’t wait to book your Dharavi Slum Tour now with Magical Mumbai Tours.

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