Things to Do in Mumbai – A Complete Travel Guide

The largest city in India is Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. Situated on the nation’s western coast, this heavily populated area is widely regarded as India’s center of entertainment. Mumbai, a city with a highly diverse economy, is home to the largest slum in Asia in addition to some of the wealthiest families, most giant corporations, and well-known Bollywood stars. Mumbai embodies the aspirations of millions of people and is a city of dreams for both the rich and the needy. It’s tasty, frantic, and inviting.

Visitors to Mumbai will adore this enthralling, vibrant city, which offers a plethora of attractions such as the well-known Gateway of India on the Mumbai Harbour, the historic caves on Elephant Island, street food, upscale fine dining, and the exciting and well-known Bollywood film industry. Mumbai should be at the top of any traveler’s agenda because there are so many amazing things to do in Mumbai. This is our comprehensive travel guide to Mumbai, India.

Top Things To Do in Mumbai

The Gateway of India

gateway of india

The Gateway of India, the most famous landmark in Mumbai, was built in 1924 to honor King George V and Queen Mary’s visit. When India attained independence in 1947, it was also the location of the final British troop withdrawal, signifying the end of British rule. When traveling by boat into Mumbai, the rising Gateway is intended to be the first thing tourists witness. It’s a well-liked spot to begin discovering Mumbai private tours. These days, many vendors sell anything from flowers to Indian chai, giving the area around the monument a feel a bit like a circus at times.

Kala Ghoda

kala ghoda

Mumbai’s cultural hub is called Kala Ghoda, which translates to “Black Horse” about a formerly housed statue. Mumbai’s best museums and art galleries may be found along this crescent-shaped strip. It’s also overflowing with cultural venues, some of which are fantastic pavement galleries. Take a stroll and check out the well-known Jehangir Art Gallery. The Kala Ghoda Association holds an intriguing nine-day Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in February.

Haji Ali

Haji Ali

The majestic Haji Ali serves as a tomb as well as a mosque. After visiting Mecca, affluent Muslim businessman and Sufi saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari was inspired to alter the direction of his life, and he constructed it in 1431. It has his body in it as well. Only during low tide is Haji Ali, which is situated amid the ocean, reachable by a 500-yard-long, narrow walkway.

Dharavi Slum

Dharavi Slum Tour

Dharavi, the biggest slum in Asia, is located in Mumbai. You can take a Dharavi slum tour of it. For ethical considerations, though, many individuals are hesitant to do so since they consider it voyeuristic poverty tourism. However, the real world is quite different. The tours debunk people’s unfavorable preconceived stereotypes and are incredibly enlightening. Small-scale industry abounds in Dharavi, where you can even purchase goods directly from the producers (fabrics and leather goods are only two of the most sought-after commodities to buy).

Elephanta Caves

elephanta caves

Suppose you’re spending a few days in Mumbai. In that case, you should see the ancient rock-cut caverns on Elephanta caves tour Island, even if they’re less impressive than Maharashtra’s well-known Ajanta and Ellora caves. There are two groups: Hindu and Buddhist. In 1987, the enormous main cave dedicated to Lord Shiva was inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features some striking artwork and sculptures. Take a ferry from the Gateway of India to get there. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is located on the northern outskirts of the city, has more Buddhist caves.

Marine Drive

marine lines

Marine Drive is ideal for a leisurely bike ride, run, or stroll along the picturesque shoreline. Marine Drive is less than two miles long and nicknamed the Queen’s Necklace because of its brilliant lights at night. A modest wall divides the C-shaped route from the sea, and palm trees along the path’s length. Marine Drive is a well-liked area for Bollywood celebrities, and it has been used as a romantic setting for storylines across multiple films.

Shree Siddhivinayak

siddhivinayk mandir

The Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, located in central Mumbai, is a highly regarded, gorgeous two-century-old temple that is a must-visit site. Darshan and pujas are conducted on the mezzanine level of the temple. The kitchen, where Shree makes his Maha Naivedya (offering), is located on the second floor.

The temple’s library, which has 8,000 volumes on religion, literature, medicine, engineering, economics, and other subjects, is located on the fourth floor. The temple’s central office is located on the third floor. The preparation of food for festivals is primarily done on the fifth floor.


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