The 10 best street food spots in Mumbai

Are you a big fan of Mumbai’s famous street food? If you love the bustling streets, spicy flavors, and lively atmosphere, you’re in for a treat! In this blog, we’ll explore Mumbai’s top street food spots, their delicious dishes, and how you can enjoy these tasty treats while still staying healthy. Let’s indulge in a delicious treat and discover the best of Mumbai’s food tour scene!

10 best street food spots in Mumbai

Mohammed Ali Road

Mumbai Food Tour

Mohammed Ali Road is the place for a luxurious, non-vegetarian dining experience. Enjoy the delectable bhuna gosht, a spicy dish made with mutton. You can start a conversation with the famed Minara Masjid’s clients and leave feeling fulfilled, thanks to their mouthwatering malpuas, fluffy pattis, juicy kebabs, sizzling tikas, and other delicious culinary secrets.

Zaveri Bazaar Street

Mumbai street Food

The city’s diamond district, Zaveri Bazaar, is full with tiny food street Mumbai carts and stores run by legendary jewelers. Observe a hawker tossing dosas to merchants and artisans. Snackle on chaats, samosas, and kachoris, among other vegetarian treats. At Mohanbhai Pudlawala’s at tea time, try the clever pudlas, a Gujarati snack composed of gram flour or chickpea flour mixed with vegetables. Before you depart, try the khichiya papad, a thin, crispy disk made of gram flour with 56 spices.

Haji Ali Juice Centre

Haji Ali Juice Centre

The Haji Ali Juice Centre, located close to Worli Seaface’s magnificent Haji Ali Mosque, is another location you really must see. Since its establishment in the late 1930s, the roadside stand has garnered a devoted clientele by providing nutritious sandwiches and liquids. Taste the most delectable custard, rich with blended milk cream, dry fruits, and fruits.


dadar food street

Follow the Mumbaikars’ lead when in Mumbai. Visit the well-liked neighborhood hangout Aaswad for a full breakfast.The most famous vegetarian restaurant in the city, providing local Maharashtrian food, is situated in Shivaji Nagar’s central suburb of Dadar and has been operating for more than thirty years. The misal pav, a hot moth bean curry, is a meal you must try.

CST Station

Mumbai Street Food

Bread, or pav, was first introduced to India during the Portuguese era. Since then, Mumbai has been fascinated with pav, typically consumed with a hearty red curry made of mashed vegetables, lots of butter, a squeeze of lemon, and a dash of raw onion. Although the dish is available at many kiosks and stalls across the city, for a filling serving, head to the Cannon Pav Bhaji Center, which is close to the CST station.


Fort street food

Pancham Puriwala, a modest budget eatery in Fort, is tucked away among several eateries and has a more extended history than the first train the British brought to India. Down a platter of curry made with potatoes and peas and puri, a flour-dough bread, then suck back a glass of lassi, a traditional sweet drink. Have you heard the fabled stories about the Fort’s owner who journeyed on foot to feed India’s largest city, Bombay, from his native town in North India?

Anand Stall

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Have you ever visited Mumbai, if you haven’t snacked on vada pav? A native of Mumbai, it’s a pao filled with a heaping helping of red and green chutneys and a deep-fried potato dumpling. Though it can be found at many stands and occasionally at upscale dining establishments, the authentic dish is best enjoyed at Anand Stall in Vile Parle or Vaidya’s stall on Platform No. 1 at Dadar Station. However, be careful never to refer to it as an Indian burger in front of locals.

Chowpatty Beach

Mumbai street Food

With its golden sands and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, Chowpatty Beach transforms into a revitalizing Mumbai street food destination at sundown. The beachside food vendors offer a delightful selection of chaats that encapsulate the essence of Mumbai’s street food, including the well-known Bhel Puri, the savory Sev Puri, and the spicy Pani Puri.

Carter Road Khau Galli

Carter Road Khau Galli

Located in Bandra, Carter Road Khau Galli gives Mumbai’s street food scene a more modern feel. Savor succulent kebabs, grilled sandwiches, and delectable rolls here while you take in the views of the waterfront. It’s the perfect blend of regional and international flavors in an elegant setting.

Crawford Market

Crawford Market

This place is crowded every evening, like swarms of bees on their way somewhere. See the delicious seafood meals culinary experts create for night revelers, like the crab curry and pomfret fry. The food vendors on Nagdevi Street, across from Crawford Market, are worth visiting every evening. They serve melt-in-your-mouth payas and seekhs made in a massive steel furnace. Try the harisa, the sole vegetarian meal in the Mumbai Market tour, and the unique nalli nihari.


We could suggest from this discussion that Mumbai street cuisine is fantastic and readily satisfies everyone. Mumbai street food caters to all tastes, whether sweet, spicy, or healthful. We also talked about where to get all these delicious street meals conveniently.

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