Lingo you need to know for your first trip to Mumbai

Mumbai is not just a place; it is an emotion. Mumbai is filled with traditions, culture, historic sites, and its own slang. It is home to people from different parts of India and every part has its dialects and tone that got added to the language of Mumbai. As a tourist in mumbai, you would notice everyone speaks differently in Mumbai, even if it is the same language.

As a global metropolis, Mumbai also embraces various languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, English, Telugu, and Konkani. The multiple immigrants that move to Mumbai bring their form of Hindi and add to the ‘Mumbaiya’ dialect of Hindi. It is slang that is an everyday blend of Hindi, English, and Marathi.

It is quite easy to stick to the Mumbai Tour Guide itinerary; the joy of soaking in Mumbai’s spirit is interacting with the locals of Mumbai. Mumbaikars are always kind to travelers. They’ll quickly help you with directions while shopping or with the most basic interactions to get around the city. The first step towards having meaningful interactions with the people of Mumbai is to respect and acknowledge them.

Fortunately for travelers on their first Mumbai city tour, English is widely spoken and understood in Mumbai. However, here are some words you can use in your conversations to charm the Mumbaikars.


You will find many words equivalent to “bro” and “mate” in India, but yaar is Mumbai’s most commonly used term. To express anguish, you say, “are yaar,” while to convey annoyance, you’d say, “Abey yaar.”


Chai is a word you will commonly hear among working-class people. Chai, which translates to tea, is an important part of the lives of the people in Mumbai. Most Mumbaikars are tea addicts and over the years every second street in Mumbai has tea stall that brews warm masala tea sometimes with a unique blend of spices

Tasting chai is a must-have when you visit Mumbai, and you will be required to use the word when you have to ask for directions for a chai stall or even while placing an order for chai.


Boss is not a term in Mumbai only to address your superior. “Boss” is used as a simple sarcasm, appreciating a friend or in a celebratory mood to address friends/colleagues. A term used interchangeably as” dude .”Don’t be confused if someone throws this word at you. Cabbies, store owners, and locals use this term frequently.


Like other terms in Mumbai, the meaning is changed depending on where and how it is used. Used mostly to greet like “hey .”Sometimes interchangeably used to address someone. Or even to say “listen up” to get someone’s attention.


You’d find it funny that agreeing in Mumbai has so many ways. “Achaa” is on top of the list to use. It means, “really?” I see,” or “okay.” As a tourist in Mumbai, you can use it to reply to the cabbie when he mentions the fare to you. Achaa! Additionally, you can use “theek hai” to convey your response.


Respect is an essential part of Mumbai‚Äôs culture; you will notice it when the suffix “ji” is added to daily conversations. It is added at the end of the words or the end of the sentences. The Ji suffix is also used sarcastically amongst friends sometimes.


A part of the Mumbai dialect that has become an integral part of daily conversations. The word can be used to describe the street food you just had in Mumbai on being asked, how was your flight to Mumbai? Mast! Moreover, it can be a response to an opinion about something specific.

Mumbai’s diversity frequently prompts hilarious incidents. While cultural differences, like what people dress and eat, are obvious, there are language distinctions that are subtler and highly essential since they will make your time in Mumbai joyful and comfortable. Mumbai’s jargon is fun and fascinating; it is both musical and dramatic. The sense in which words are used here has such a powerful sign that they explain not just the circumstance but also the feelings.

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