7 Questions To Ask Your Tour Guide On a Dharavi Slum Tour

Mumbai is a city with a diverse and contrasting landscape. From the glitz and glamour of Bollywood to the entrepreneurial spirit of Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, Mumbai attracts many visitors all year long.

Many people think about Dharavi as an unusual tourist destination. However, people who tour and explore the narrow lanes and lively neighborhoods have a meaningful and eye-opening experience.

A Dharavi Slum Tour can transform your perception of the slum from a simple sightseeing experience into a meaningful trip. The questions you ask and the conversations you have will truly enlighten the experience.

Before we jump into the questions to ask a Dharavi slum tour guide, let’s first understand who should visit Dharavi.

The Curious Travellers: If you are curious to understand the places you visit, Dharavi is the place you should visit to get insights on the working class of people in Mumbai. The tour is meant for people who want to gain a real-world perspective of life in the slum.

Students and Academics: Dharavi has become a fascinating subject of study in urban planning, sociology, and anthropology. Taking a Dharavi slum tour will be a first-hand research opportunity.

The Socially Conscious: A Dharavi slum group tour can be a platform for education and activism for travelers with a passion for social concerns and a desire to constructively contribute to the communities.

Here’s a list of the seven curious questions you should ask your tour guide to obtain a deeper understanding of this wonderful community and make your Dharavi Slum Tour more insightful and enriching.

Dharavi Slum Tour

What Is Dharavi’s History?

Understanding Dharavi’s historical context is essential for understanding how it has become one of the largest contributors to Mumbai’s economy. Ask your tour guide to share details on the origins of this settlement and its development over time. Learn how Dharavi grew from a fishing town to a thriving cluster of small-scale industries and communities.

How Does Dharavi Help Mumbai’s Economy?

Dharavi is more than a slum; it’s a bustling economic centre. Ask your guide about the different industries and businesses that exist in Dharavi. Learn about the community’s contribution to the Mumbai economy through small-scale manufacturing and trading.

How Do Dharavi Residents Make a Living?

Dharavi is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit. Inquire about the many employment opportunities and businesses that keep the community thriving. Your guide can shed light on various operations, from recycling and pottery to leather production and food processing, giving you insights into Dharavi’s economic fabric.

What Is Daily Life Like in Dharavi?

Discover the daily routines of the people who live in Dharavi. Inquire about their daily activities, including job, education, and leisure activities. Understanding their daily lives can provide vital background for your visit.

Dharavi Slum Tour

What Are the Local Traditions and Customs?

Dharavi has its own traditions and practices that distinguish it from the rest of Mumbai. Inquire with your guide about these local customs, rituals, and traditions. Understanding these cultural aspects can help create a more comprehensive picture of Dharavi.

Can You Introduce Us to Local Artists?

Meeting expert craftspeople will make your Dharavi Slum Tour enjoyable. Request your guide to introduce you to local craftsmen and artists who create beautiful items despite their humble settings. This interaction will be eye-opening and inspiring.

What Is the Best Etiquette for Visitors?

To guarantee a respectful and considerate tour, ask your guide about recommended etiquette when engaging with Dharavi’s people. Understanding the dos and don’ts can help you interact with the community in a more sensitive way.

Dharavi Slum Tour


A Dharavi Slum Tour allows you to discover a lesser-known aspect of Mumbai. While there are many questions to ask and factors to discover, these seven questions might help you get started. By interacting with your tour guide and striving to understand Dharavi’s history, economy, everyday life, and culture, you will experience a meaningful and instructive study of this lively community.

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